School Uniforms (Final)

Do you as a student want school uniforms? There are many people that have their own opinions but multiple school uniforms should not be something schools are required to in force. A few years ago the average percent of schools requiring school uniforms is 21%. Most Catholic school are required for students to wear their uniforms. Girls and boys show themselves through different ways. For example, clothes, makeup, shoes, and jewelry. There are so much more than these few examples.

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This graph explains the number of votes by region from schools.

Cost of uniforms

Everything cost money. Here’s just a few examples, school lunches, and school fees. If the school has the uniform rule then that would be another you would have to pay for. Some uniforms can cost from $25-$200. On the other hand a whole wardrobe would be up to $100-$600. Uniforms can be very expensive, and for those that do not have a lot of money might not be able to offered their school uniforms.

Self identity

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This picture shows the different types of uniforms for school.

Many students here at Sheridan High School show their self identity through clothes. In forcing the uniform rule would limit others self expression. Students use their clothes to express themselves and to identify with certain social groups of other students. This also limits students freedom to wearing what they like. Students buy their clothes to show off at school. Here at Sheridan High we have a simple dress code, if you are not taken by a teacher or any staff member, then your outfit is safe to wear. Camille Guaty once said that she went to a Catholic school, and she had to wear a uniform. So the only way she could express herself, was through her shoes. Many people show their expression through different ways. 

[pullquote speaker="Camille Guaty " photo="" align="left" background="on" border="all" shadow="on"]I went to a Catholic school, so of course we had to wear uniforms. My only form of expression was in shoes and the style of my hair. ”

— Camille Gauty