Parenting Classes Should be Mandatory.(Final)

David Camerson once Prime Minister of Great Britain now parent counselor, helping prepare parents for the future with their children.

Should it be mandatory for students to take parenting classes? It is widely known that life isn’t fair. People begin life with parents and some don’t. People are born millionaires and some people are born with nothing. Parenting classes in high school could really benefit young adults with making big life decisions down the road. Having an influential person in your life will most likely lead you down a road with less pot holes, if you don’t have an influential person in your life you might not know a better road than the one with potholes.

Facts about Parenting Classes:

  • Parenting classes help teens and soon to be parents know what to expect for the developmental stages of a child’s life. It’ll also help teens or soon to be parents know how to prepare for a infant.
  • It’ll also help get rid of some of the anxiety of parenting. You’ll have an idea of what’s going on, how to handle most situations, and you’ll just know the basics of being a good parent.

Why some people don’t agree with parenting classes:

  • People feel like it is an insult when they are suggested to take a parenting class.
  • Some people think that their parenting methods are better than the ones the parenting class is trying to teach.
  • Parents and teenagers think that if the person who is teaching the class isn’t a parent then they shouldn’t be giving advice to people who are actually parents.

These classes will also help teach parents when to cherish your child and when to be a little harder on your child.”

— Carol S. Dweck Parenting expert

I believe we should have parenting classes in high school. There are thousands of kids nation wide that don’t have parents or they have mental or physical abusive parents. I feel that parenting classes would decrease the amount of teen suicides and suicides in general. Parenting classes would be able to help parents notice when their kids need help. I feel teens and anyone in general would think twice about having sex without protection because they would get a glimpse at how difficult parenting really is, it would also stop sexually transmitted deceases. The good reasons of parenting classes out weighs the bad reasons of parenting classes by a very large margin, after all school is supposed to help prepare for the next stage of life, right?

Jordan Barnett with his family.