Virginia vs Texas Tech Championship Game

3 point shooting percentage

In the championship game of Virginia vs Texas Tech, Virginia shot 11-24 which is 45.5 percent from the 3 point line and Virginia shot 10-30 which is 33.3 percent from the 3 point line. This made a big difference in this game because during this game there were many times when a big 3 point shot needed to be made and if Texas Tech shot better than that could’ve been the difference of who won.

Free Throws shot

Free throws are a big part of basketball and can even decide the outcome of the game. Virginia went 20-23 from the free throw line which is shooting 87 percent. Texas Tech went 13-15 from the line which is shooting 86.7 percent. Even though the percentages are close the amount of shots from the free throw line is what made the difference. In OT Texas Tech kept fouling Virginia constantly which ultimately lead to Virginia winning because they got to shoot free throws basically the whole OT which they were shooting good all game.

Ball movement

A big part of basketball is moving the ball around which Virginia did better than Texas Tech. Virginia moved the ball around which lead to easy 3 point shots which made a difference in this game. Texas Tech did not move the ball around as much as Virginia did. Texas Tech was doing a lot of one on ones just trying to let their best players shoot a contested shot instead of getting there players open for easy shots. Virginia had 15 assists and Texas Tech had 9 which made a difference in this game.

Overall game for Texas Tech

Texas Tech did not play a very pretty game and lost 85-77. Tech shot 42.9 percent from the field and 86.7 percent from the free throw line. Texas Tech was out matched in every aspect of the game, the only thing they had more of than Virginia is fouls which they fouled 18 times. Tech looked good at times coming back from a deficient then gaining the lead at certain times during the game but they could never keep it. The thing is even though Tech didn’t play their best game and lost they still had a chance to win. The game went into OT which is when Tech blew it. Tech kept fouling a hot free throw shooting team which was a mistake that made them lose in the end.

Overall game for Virginia

Virginia beat Texas Tech in almost every aspect of the game. Virginia shot 45.8% from the field, 45.8% from the 3 point line, 87% from the free throw line and had 39 rebounds and 15 assists. Virginia looked good for most of the game having the lead most of the game. Virginia honestly did not play that great of a game but they were able to make big shots when it mattered. Virginia ended up victorious in the championship game in OT.