Should Women and Men Train the Same?

Should Women and Men Train the Same?

When people mention the word, “workout”, everyone’s thoughts are very different. Many people think of well built men lifting weights and not very much of women lifting those same weights.  Working out has become less about just men and more about women becoming more involved in lifting and getting into the gym. You can go to a gym and see women working out and lifting the same weights as the men there. This could seem very odd to outsiders who do not workout often but women have been working out just as much and train the same as men for awhile now.

Why Women Should Train The Same As Men

Men and women workout to reach a goal, which varies form person to person but they can both get there through the same program. Tony

man and woman lifting weights together.

Gentilcore once said, “Men often want to be jacked or yoked, and many women want to be toned and shapely.The thing is, you can’t have sexy or shapely anything without building muscle!”. When working out you have to build a foundation which consist of the muscle you build.

Amount of Training

Every time people train they keep their goal in mind and your goal determines the amount of training. Studies have showed that because women have 10 times less testosterone than men it makes it harder for them to build muscle. Because of this study women have to train almost two times more than men to reach their goal. Other recent studies have shown that even when men and women are training at the same strength level, women are more resistant to fatigue compared to men. Women are able to train like men and see results but training like men is not always the best option.

“As a result, they don’t fulfill their athletic potential”. ”

— Menno Henselmans

 Best Training Methods For Women

Woman lifting weights

If you walk into a gym environment and observe how both men and women, you would not see them lifting or training the same. Women’s bodies are very different and do not preform the same way men do. Specialist have found ways for women to reach there goal faster and more efficiently. When reading this article, 34 Training Tips for Women, there is multiple tips and tricks that are told to help improve women’s training. Menno Henselmans says, “Most women are intuitively aware of their strengths in the gym, but they are often told to train like men. As a result, they don’t fulfill their athletic potential”. When women trail like men they do not often see the results they want so that is why they should train a little differently.

In this generation, people are starting to see men and women training the same. There is no problem with them training the same but it might not be the best thing for a women’s body to get to her full potential. We will continue to see many changes in how men and women train as the years go on.