Call To Adventure: A Real Character Building Exercise

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Call To Adventure: A Real Character Building Exercise

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Call To Adventure is a table top game taking the gaming world by storm. CTA has been produced by Brotherwise Games creators of the Boss Monster series of games. CTA began as a donation based project to create a game based entirely on the process of creating a character. The game involves multiple elements of fantasy role-play gaming and moral decision making. The game is made up of a set of mats, cards, dice, and bits of cardboard that serve multiple purposes. Carter Woneymaker, a Sheridan student, claimed “It’s an interesting idea and would definitely be fun to play.”

“It’s an interesting idea and would definitely be fun to play.””

— Carter Woneymaker


The game board consists of drawing cards that will determine what the outcomes and life styles of the character and what has shaped them throughout their lives. They face challenges in the form of a drawn card that can be anything from helping the poor to climbing a mountain. In the end of the game the player with the most points wins the game whether they are an evil or good character. For tips on playing watch the provided video or click here.

Credit to Geek And Sundry.

Call To Adventure and Name of the Wind, one of the expansion packs.


Expansion packs can be bought to increase the quality of the items and to increase the card count. They turn some of the cardboard aspects into plastic and can give sleeves for the cards. The cards also introduce many different scenarios like usurping the king and taking the throne or raising the forces of nature to destroy civilization, but the possibilities are endless. As it is with all role-players the best part can be the backstory, and CTA doesn’t disappoint.