AJR’s New Album, “Neotheater” out 4/26


Neotheater album cover and release date. Credit to AJR.

“AJR is an American indie pop band composed of multi-instrumentalist brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met. The band is a DIY pop group who write, produce, and mix their own material in the living room of their Chelsea apartment. Their top 5 successful songs include ‘Weak’, ‘Come Hang Out’, ‘I’m Ready’, ‘Burn the House Down’ and ‘Sober Up’. Their music style has been described as ‘electric’, combining elements of pop, doo-wop, electronic, and dubstep. The band name ‘AJR’ comes from the first initials of Adam, Jack, and Ryan” (Creative Commons Attribution)

AJR has their third studio album, Neotheater, planned to release on April 26th. Here is the album trailer.


They first released a single, “100 Bad Days” on January 30th. They released the official video shortly after, on March 7th.

“100 Bad Days”

100 Bad Days is a song that talks about the fact that while you may have bad days, these bad days aren’t always bad because they at least give you experiences to talk about in the future. According to Genius, AJR said that this song is about their most commonly used mantra, “this is going to be a good story.” AJR also told Billboard in an interview that “as a band, and as guys in their twenties, most of our experiences end in rejection, failure, and bad days. We wanted to write a realistic look at that.. what doesn’t kill you doesn’t always make you stronger. But what doesn’t kill you always makes you more interesting.”


AJR then released another single, “Birthday Party” on March 12th. This time it was a celebration for announcing their upcoming album, “Neotheater” as well as listing the album for preorder on iTunes. The album tracklist and link to Genius’s website will be featured on the bottom of this article.

“Birthday Party”

Birthday Party is a song that describes the naivety of a newly born infant, and compares the people of the United States to this infant in a number of ways. It also calls out the political system and the ignorance of everybody towards incidents and issues that are happening throughout the country. “I bet my ignorance is always bliss, except ignoring pigment in our skin. I bet my country’s nice to immigrants, and that’s just how it is.” Birthday Party also calls out social media by singing, “I bet this Instagram’s a load of fun, it’s best to show the best of everyone. I bet it never bites us in the bum.”

This is the Neotheater album cover. Credit to AJR.

AJR recently surprised everybody again with the release of a music video for another song that will be on the album, “Dear Winter.”

“Dear Winter”

Dear Winter is a song that was written by Ryan Met. This song maintains the format of a letter lyrically and in it he addresses his unborn child, one he plans to name “Winter.” He talks about his hopes for his child, such as how he hopes they like their name, that they find friends, and how he hopes that they still like this song even when they turn thirteen and “scream at me for parenting you wrong.” He also acknowledges the child’s future mother in the final lyrics, “Dear Winter, I’m looking for your mom. I gotta find a girl that doesn’t mind that I’m inside my head a lot. Winter, it won’t be too long. First, I just gotta find your mom.”


“Neotheater” release date 4/26:

  1. Next Up Forever
  2. Birthday Party
  3. 100 Bad Days
  4. Don’t Throw Out My Legos
  5. Break My Face
  6. Turning Out Pt. ii
  7. The Entertainment’s Here
  8. Karma
  9. Beats
  10. Wow, I’m Not Crazy
  11. Dear Winter
  12. Finale (Can’t Wait To See What You Do Next)


Credit to Genius for the lyrics and a large majority of the background information behind the explanations.