Mimic Article: CJ Hendry

Artist CJ Hendry began her life of fame after her hyper realistic paintings were posted in 2017 on Instagram. She creates drawings of smeared paint dabs. She also does still life drawings of day-to-day objects, and her canvases are the size of herself or even bigger. Her paintings and drawings can take up to three weeks to make due to their size.  CJ’s upcoming show is going to feature paintings of rorschach blots, which is a psychological test usually used to determine schizophrenia, and this focuses on hyper realism and abstraction.

CJ’s art has been featured in many museums and has been featured in art shows. Getting ahold of one of these pieces is going to cost you a huge chunk of cash. Her artwork is usually priced around $250,000 per painting depending on sizes and colors. She mainly hosts her own exhibitions, so the chances of seeing her art is slightly impossible. 

Hendry’s art is so important because she inspires artists to create what they love and make art different for everyone. Everyone has their own style and preferences and she tires to encourage other artists to be proud of themselves and express their mind.