Art of Pick-Up Lines

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Pick up lines are used to make a first impression on someone who you are interested in. Each person tends to have their own type of opening line. There are three main different types of lines that people gravitate towards to grab your attention.

  • The first one is when the person is direct and straight up about what they want. Maybe they will just ask if you would like to get a drink with them sometime.
  • The second type of pick up line is when they try to act innocent and avoid what they really want from you. They might ask you something about the shirt you are wearing or maybe what your favorite food from a certain restaurant is.
  • The last type is most well known as a “pick up” line. This is when they use some type of cute/cheesy line in order to get you to laugh.

Our favorite line is “Did you fart, ’cause you just blew me away?” Now, here’s a short video of some students’ favorite pick up lines too:

After watching this video, along with us, you are most likely assuming that none of these pick-up lines would get them dates, which is probably true, but at least we got to laugh at them.

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