Treasure Island


Treasure Island

The Sheridan High School Drama Club will be enacting a play about the story of Jim Hawkins in Treasure Island. Treasure Island was originally written as a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. However, there have been at least 24 major stage adaptations made, including movie and play productions. In 2007, at the Alley Theater in Houston, the play was enacted on stage for one of the very first times; It won the AATE Distinguished Play Award for Best Adaptation of the Year.

Major cast members have been interviewed about the making and the acting of this play. Mrs. Moore, who is the director; Murphy VanBalen, who fulfills the role of the stage director; and Ashleigh Craig, who plays the main lead, Jim Hawkins were all interviewed on various aspects of the play. In addition to this, minor cast members and crew members were interviewed including

Jayni Lamb and Carrie Shaffer

Alex Peters, Joey Hilliard, Clayton Acheson, and Macey Ranck. Joey will star as Long John Silver and Jim’s father. Alex acts as Blind Pew and Calico Jack. Clayton has been tasked with fulfilling four different roles: Reverend Mainwaring, Rathbone, Ben Gunn, and Josiah Bland. The Drama Club rehearses about a couple times out of the week, as long as the weather allows.

The Cast List for Treasure Island from the Drama Club of Sheridan High School.

The winter weather seems to be a common theme when asking some of the cast how the play is coming along, “We have fallen behind with all of the snow days happening, but we are slowly catching up.”, says Murphy. They all appear to have the confidence of taking it one day at a time. Even after all of the snow days, they are sticking to the original performance dates of April 12th and 13th. “My favorite part has to be working with all of the students.”, a statement relating that Mrs. Moore really enjoys her job being the director of the play.

Summary of Treasure Island

This storyline is about Jim, a young boy, who watches over an inn in an English seaside town with his mother and his ill father. A new guest at the inn, Bill, terrifies everyone at the inn with his threats of violence. Bill falls ill and dies just as pirates descend on the inn to kill Bill. Just before the pirates can burst in and find Jim and his mom, the two of them escape with a number of coins and a pouch. Jim discovers that there is a treasure map hidden in the pouch. After showing this map to Dr. Livesey, the doctor that waited on his father and Bill, he, along and his friend Squire Trelawney, decide to set sail to uncover the treasure. Jim goes along as a member of the crew. Once they reach the island with the supposed treasure, Jim slips onshore with Silver and some of the mutineers.

Image from the original cast of the play performing Treasure Island.

After the mutineers kill two men that don’t want to join the mutiny, Jim runs away into the jungle on the island. While there, he meets Ben Gunn, who is an “abandoned man”. Meanwhile, Trelawney, the doctor, and the other men get ashore and find a stockade, or a giant wooden enclosure, something like a mini-fort. Eventually, after a meeting between Silver and the captain of the ship in the stockade, there is a battle. Jim sneaks out of the stockade and cuts the ship loose, crashing it on the beach, and killing a pirate left on the ship in self-defense. Jim sneaks back to the stockade where, to his surprise, Long John Silver and his men are now staying! Silver explains that the captain and Dr. Livesey agreed to give up the map and the stockade for free passage. However, when the mutineers get to the treasure, they find that someone has already dug it up. Before the angry mutineers can attack Silver and Jim, the original crew pop up and ambush them with guns, having already dug up and hid the treasure. Though Silver slips away from the crew during the journey back to England, evading a trial and hanging, Jim still has terrifying dreams of him for many months afterward.

The Drama Club hopes to see all of you when they perform this wonderful play known as “Treasure Island”!

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