Conspiracy Theories

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Recently in the media, the obsession with conspiracy theories has peaked. There are hundreds of articles, videos, and other online content popping up regarding the crazy speculations of everyday occurrences, and even huge landmark events in our history. While some of them can be more serious and center on somber topics, we’ll be discussing some lighthearted and wholly ridiculous theories.

  • Moon Landing was faked
  • The Loch Ness Monster is a dinosaur
  • Is Tupac In Cuba?
  • Australia isn’t real
  • Disney is cryogenically frozen
  • Every celebrity is in the Illuminati
  • Area 51 has aliens
  • Dinosaurs never existed
  • Obama can control the weather
  • The Earth is flat
  • Jay-Z is a time travelling vampire
  • The moon doesn’t even exist
    Josie Shafer and Elena Glorioso
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