Gymnastics Trivia

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Trivia is a great way to have fun and learn some facts that you might not have known before! Trivia is also used with many different topics that you are able play with. At Sheridan high school, the gymnastics team is getting ready for the state competition. Sheridan gymnastics made history last year by placing second in the WHOLE state of Ohio! If you go up to a gymnast that is part of the Sheridan gymnastics team and ask them any question about the sport, you will be overwhelmed by all the information that is being thrown at you.

This year, three of the Sheridan gymnasts are hosting a trivia game with some of the teachers at Sheridan high school. They will have to answer three questions created by the gymnasts. We have based these questions off of information that would not typically occur in other sports. Gymnastics is a very complex and aggressive sport so these questions will be unusual. These three gymnasts went around throughout the school to find teachers not associated with gymnastics. The teachers that are participating in our trivia game is Mr. Huffman, Mr. Lones, and Mr. Cattran. The three questions that were asked during this game were: What do gymnasts were when they practice and compete in? How many levels are there in gymnastics? How many events are there in woman’s gymnastics?. And these are the results from the game interview!

The first teacher we stared with was Mr. Huffman. He is the high school track coach and is very involved with sports so we figured that he would be one of the top competitors during this game. Throughout the questions, he was very confident with his answers and it must have helped because he got all of the right! The next teacher was Mr. Cattran and he is also one of the track coaches. He was not as confident with his answers but he got two out of the three questions right! And the last teacher is Mr. Lones. He is one of the agriculture teachers at the high school and does not have any association with high school sports. During the game interview, he was less serious and answered the questions by guessing. He ended up getting one out of the three questions!

The winner of the gymnastics trivia game is Mr. Huffman! The three Sheridan gymnasts would like to thank all the participants and highly advise everyone to watch the proceeding video that includes the interviews for the trivia game!