Is The Track Team State Bound Again?

What the team lost

The track team has lost some big people this year. The team will no longer have the sprinters of Ethan Tabor, Dillon Grant, and Jarrett Munyan. They also lost a big distance runner named Luke Brown. Tabor was a big part in the team always giving the team big points in track meets from all the races he was in because he always placed high. The team will be missing a person out of the 4×1 which was a relay team that went to state. They will also be missing two people in the 4×2 which is another relay team that went to state. Luke Brown is also someone the team has lost who was a big help in the distance races.

What the team has returning

The track team has 3 of its 4 members returning for the 4×1 team, two members of the 4×2 returning, and several strong 200 runners. The thing about the athletes returning is that 7 of them went to state; they already have great people returning and this along will give us strong representation on the track.

Expectations for the track team

The students, parents and other teams are expecting the track team to excel. The team expects to add to last years great season and go even further in their quest for greatness. They want to win the MVL and set a new record for the time in the 4×1. This team is very competitive and confident in themselves as a team and individuals. If they lose a race, they don’t feel bad for themselves but feel bad for the team

because they didn’t get the team as many points. The track team has been good for a long time; they have great runners, a great coach and the whole team has confidence. Expect to see great things from this team.