How have Sports Affected my Life?

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Nick Ranalli and Coach Culver sharing a special moment, after Nick made a big fourth down play against Bellbrook.

How have sports affected your life? I asked three of Sheridan’s star athletes from three different sports this very question and this is what they had to say:

I asked football star, Nick Ranalli, also known as “Gator”, a series of questions on how sports has affected his life. Nick has played football since he was 11 years old as a result of his brothers pushing and encouraging him to play sports. Football gave Nick lifelong friends, kept him active, and out of trouble. Football gave Nick Coach Culver. Nick said, “Coach Culver is the father I never had, he taught me how to be a man, and he taught me more than just how to play football.” A teammate that has had an impact on Nick Ranalli is Chance King. Nick said, “Chance taught me, you don’t have to be the most physically gifted athlete on the field to be the best. It’s about how hard you work.” Nick told me that “football is entirely about preparation. You’re spending the whole week watching film and making the right adjustments to be prepared for the game that Friday night.” Nick said, “Without football, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and football has taught me various life lessons.

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Jacob competing at the 2018 state track meet.

Sheridan’s track star Jacob Rhodes was also asked similar questions on how sports has affected his life. Jacob has been involved in track for 6 years. His best friend Ty Taylor inspired him to do track. Track gave Jacob a better attitude towards life, the characteristics of a leader, and kept him out of trouble. Jacob told me, ” Track takes up a lot of time, from lifting and conditioning to meets taking up your whole weekend. If you’re wanting to be more than just average at track, it’s about what you do when no one is watching that’ll make a difference on the track.” Before the gun goes off, Jacob thinks about what he needs to while he is running. When the gun goes off, we watch one of the fastest kids in Ohio fly through the finish line.  Track made Jacob into the person he is today.

The final Sheridan athlete I interviewed was wrestling star Owen Loughman. Owen has wrestled for 7 years and says his older brother inspired him to wrestle. Wrestling has shown Owen that everything in life is not easy, you have to fight tooth and nail to succeed if he wants to reach his full potential he’s going to have to give it everything he has. Owen has had two different head coaches while wrestling for Sheridan. Having two coaches shows that not everyone teaches the same style of wrestling, but you’re going to have to adapt to their styles and still give it your all. Having so many teammates have taught Owen to adapt to different personalities and become a better leader. Owen told me,  “Wrestling is more physically and mentally demanding than people think. People think because you do one sport and it’s not very difficult, that every sport is the same way which is false. If you want to succeed in wrestling you have to be prepared to devote yourself, wrestling has even gotten too tough for me at times, but my friends, family, and teammates have helped me prevail.” Owens record this year is 35-4. His end of season goals are to give everything he’s got, leave it all out there, and hopefully, all of the accomplishments he wants to happen will come with that.

Owen celebrates after winning districts last year.