The Slow Degradation of Music

Music is a person’s ultimate representation of emotions, thoughts, and feelings. There is no purer art form for mankind. Music is all about the soul and every great song has a meaning and heart behind it. Whether the singer is as vocally talented as Chris Stapleton or Justin Timberlake or as dull and boring as Johnny Cash. If the song has heart it will reach out and grab someone’s emotions. Songs cover so many ranges from slow love songs to slow sad songs, even to the faster-paced rock songs and songs about anger.

Image result for classic rockMusic has slowly but surely lost it’s sweet taste and is now replaced with foul repetitive songs. Groups used to not let others control their music and had their own distinguished sound. If I heard just the instrumentals of The Eagles and Led Zeppelin it would almost be ridiculous to mix up either band, because they have a certain sound and flow to their songs. If I heard only the instrumentals to Cardi B and Nicki Minaj I wouldn’t have the slightest clue who’s music is who. Classic Golden Age music used to have real instruments and real musical talent. It took time to make these songs. If you look at Eric Johnson’s guitar ballad “Cliffs of Dover”, it took Johnson only 5 minutes to get a rough outline, but it took him months of polishing to get the song to true musical perfection.

Songs like “Stairway to Heaven” have also sparked much media attention because people do debate what the true meaning is and if there is an evil message behind the song. One major genre that has suffered from this change is country music. Country music used to be about the bad times in life, and the good times. It showed the real struggle of everyday people. It talked about losing loved ones and specific feelings like Keith Whitley singing about how his lover thinks of her ex, and that he wants her to only think about him. It showed true pain and love. Now country music is reduced to getting drunk, trying to have sex with women and pick-up trucks. Pop music has been reduced from bands like The Beatles to people like Ariana Grande, who’s songs has little meaning behind them and are mainly just catchy choruses and simple beats.


Now to say that new artists don’t have talent would be just blowing it out of the water, many new artists have great voices and can play instruments like Ed Sheeran, but it’s not about just the talent they have. It is all about the meaning of the songs, the craftsmanship it takes to make a real meaningful song and the time and effort. If more people would give older classics a chance, not just rock or country but things like bluegrass and the blues. I think music could start changing for the better and going back to where every song told a different and exciting story.