Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Reedy


Mr. Reedy with his LEGOs. Credited to Mr. Reedy.

Mr. Reedy with two of his sons. Credited to Mr. Reedy.

Mr. Reedy has been teaching at Sheridan for 9 years and currently teaches Law and You, World History, and Geography in the history department. He loves that the school has a tight-knit community feel to it and he is proud to say that he is from this area of Ohio. He truly feels at home at Sheridan.

Along with teaching three classes, Mr. Reedy also coaches Junior High Football. He has been coaching the team for the past 7 years and began coaching because of his love for the game and the ability to work with kids. When he was in school, Mr. Reedy also played football. He wanted to be able to keep the game in his life while helping kids form connections and memories; it is a game that he has always loved.

There have been multiple factors in Mr. Reedy’s life that influenced his choice to become a teacher, along with his enjoyment of history. He says that his parents and great-grandparents have always been supportive of his pursuits in life.  When he was younger he took part in a church youth group that gave him the opportunity to be around kids. He believes that these positive experiences helped him toward the career he is now in. Mr. Reedy’s favorite memories from Sheridan so far are the connections he has made with his students and seeing them succeed after they graduate. He likes to see where they go in life.


Mr. Reedy has been married to his wife, Kathryn, since 2011 and the couple has three sons: Hank (6), Mack (4), and Duke (1). During his free time, Mr. Reedy enjoys the following: watching Ohio State University Football, fishing, golfing, building with his LEGOs, and spending time with his family. While all of these activities are enjoyable to him, he also is a music lover. Mr. Reedy listens to all sorts of genres of music and says that he just has to connect with the music to enjoy it. His choice of music varies: from classic rock during the 1960s and 70s, classic country, to 90s rap and alternative grunge.

If you have ever attended school on our annual Fright Day, then you should know how amazing Mr. Reedy’s Halloween costumes are. As much as he wishes that he could take credit for the ideas of every costume, it is actually his wife that is the mastermind behind the outfit. She provides the costume and he just pulls it off on the big day. Here are some of the best of Mr. Reedy’s fantastic Halloween costumes:

One quote that Mr. Reedy lives by is, “Every name has a story, and all these stories become history” – Elie Wiesel.  Everybody has a story to tell and from a historical aspect, we all have a finite time to tell our story, which makes the shaping of children and teen’s lives even more important. He believes that everybody is important and that their story matters.