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Juniors and seniors all around the world are getting ready to go to college. There are multiple things you need to know and consider when planning on going to college! Colin Powell once said, “There are no secretes to success. It is a result of preparation.”. This quote is the true for getting the mindset for going away to college and being ready for this big step. But are our high schools actually getting us ready for college? High schools might present students with scholarships, college visits, and multiple other things that pertain to college. Some high schools do not prepare students for some things that might not come to mind when getting ready for college.

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Image from the movie “Neighbors”, based on students in college

You see movies that take place in college and you never see students in class or the real struggles in college. They show the students partying, not studying and they are all emotionally stable. When preparing for college, you have to think about the relationships back home, if you are going away to college. These relationships include your friendships with close friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, and the connection to your home town. Some may wonder, ” Will we stay in touch?” or ” Will we be able to make our relationship work?” Being emotionally connected to your home town and those relationships with the people their, can have a huge effect on college.

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Students taking notes in college class


When it comes to studying and making time to do homework in college, it comes from time management. Time management is a very important thing that is almost necessary to have in college. Professors will not remind you about homework or remind you to study for a test. And when you are away from college, your parents are not there to remind you to do your homework and study for a test. Being able to track and remember to study and do homework is also part of time management.

When applying to college, you should always think about these things. Some people already know that going away for college is good for them and they will not have any problems but others do have the struggle with these certain things. A good quote from Bunk College, that will stick with you is ,” No matter how much you hate college, you will miss it when you leave!”

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