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Are “You” a Fan?

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Everyone can agree Netflix is on a kick with its’ original productions. Among new favorites like “Bird Box”, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, “Grace and Frankie”, and “13 Reasons Why” is “You”, a relatively new addition. Sure to be a hit, it’s become well-known in the twitterverse for being shocking and sometimes graphic, but ultimately very real and raw.


The poster for You featuring Joe’s max creep level. Photo credited to Netflix.

“You” was released back in September. It didn’t cause a frenzy like “Bird Box”, at least not when it was first shared  with the masses. I distinctly remember scrolling through Twitter about two weeks ago, and finding a huge thread of crazed young-adults obsessing over a Netflix Original Series called “You”. At this point I was vaguely aware of its’ existence, as two of the lead actors (Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell) played in two of my favorite teen-melodramas, Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars respectively. The thread peaked my interest, and I had just finished binging “Narcos” (another Netflix original) so I was open to starting a new series.


Much to my surprise, “You” is less of a romance, and more of a suspenseful thriller. It follows two 20-something year-olds in New York City who fall into a whirlwind romance that isn’t all it seems. Joe, a charming bookstore clerk, meets Guinevere Beck, an aspiring writer with a knack for choosing the wrong men, while she’s shopping for a new read in Mooney’s (Joe’s bookstore that has almost as many dark secrets as he does). At first Joe seems to be the perfect, all-American gentleman, but further into the series we see his mental state spiral and his true-self is revealed. Joe becomes infatuated with Beck, following her and “plugging” himself in to all aspects of her life. Eventually they develop a real relationship, although Joe maintains his delusions and gets himself into lots of trouble behind Beck’s back.

One of the many times Joe is caught creeping on Beck. Photo credited to Lifetime.

While I won’t go into detail about Joe’s shenanigans, I will say the people in Beck’s life, whether it be her wealthy best friend Peach or her secretly-a-stalker boyfriend Joe, are alarmingly creepy, and even more alarming is that they’re good at concealing it. “You” truly leaves you asking yourself, are the people you surround yourself with truly who you think they are, or is there something more to their lives that would chill you to the bone?

Beck and her best friend Peach. Photo credited to Variety.

This suspenseful thriller leaves you wanting more, and with the cliff-hanger ending on the last episode you can be sure Netflix will be delivering an even more nail biting second season. I’m personally marking the release of season two on my calendar.



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