Sheridan’s Inked Students

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Sheridan’s Inked Students

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For most high school students, getting anything permanent is out of the question. We have a hard enough time committing to a style of music or clothing, that a tattoo would be an anomaly among the teenage population. However, there are a select few of us who believe they feel so passionately about something, that they’re confident in getting it inked on their bodies forever. Among those students are seniors Hope Mohler and Jac Clevenger, and sophomore Laney Brock. And with each of them comes a unique story for their tattoos.

Hope Mohler has two tattoos, one on her shoulder and one on her wrist. She had both of them done within the past year. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the most painful, Hope rated her tattoos a 6. She explained

Hope’s wrist tattoo.

that both of them hurt to an extent, but the one on her shoulder was the most painful.

Each of her tattoos are for a member of her family. She has the breast cancer ribbon on her wrist for her grandmother and a few other family members who have beat cancer. She stated that this is probably her most meaningful tattoo, even though they both have significant value to her. On her shoulder, Hope shares a matching tattoo with her sister and mother. Hope says that tattoos are totally addictive and she will for sure get more.

Jac’s shoulder tattoo.

Jac Clevenger has five tattoos. She got her first tattoo in August of this past year, which features the words “create yourself” on her ankles. She said that this tattoo hurt the worst out of her five. Jac also has flowers on her forearm, and the words “always with you” on her collarbone following three birds. She and her two sisters have this tattoo to always remember no matter how far away, they are always with each other. This is her most significant tattoo. Like Hope, Jac says that tattoos are very addictive and that she will absolutely get more. In fact, she doesn’t think she’ll ever stop getting inked.

Laney’s tattoo.

Laney Brock has one tattoo that she had done Christmas of 2017. Her tattoo is located on the inside of her wrist, in memory of her godbrother Karter, who passed away from cancer. This tattoo has significant meaning to her and her family. Laney says that tattoos are kind of addicting, especially piercings. On the 1-10 scale, Laney rated her tattoo a 7. She said, “It wasn’t that bad at all.” She thinks she will follow the others and get more in the future.

Each tattoo that these ladies have hold value to them in their own personal ways.  By making this commitment, these students have become an inspiration for those who have not yet found the things they can hold dear for their whole life. In turn, they are also showing that even if we are young, teenagers can make these decisions.

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