Big Brother Big Sisters: Where Volunteering Becomes Worthwhile

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Big Brother Big Sisters: Where Volunteering Becomes Worthwhile

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When we think about our childhood, we think about times in our lives that we lived carefree and without a fear of the future. These vivid memories are ones we hold close to our hearts and cherish as time passes by. Sadly, these memories we reminisce on don’t look the same for all children. Numerous children don’t speak about the hardships they struggle with such as: not knowing when their next meal will be, when they will have a forever home, where their parent(s) are, and when their life will improve. These deprivations take large tolls on children and can affect them for the rest of their lives. That’s where Big Brothers Big Sisters steps in.

BBBS of Licking and Perry Counties

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a school based program that was created to provide children with support and guidance. At home, many children lack the support, love, and attention they deserve. For this reason, Big Brothers Big Sisters uses a one-on-one method to give the children a chance to have a well-grounded bond with a supportive peer. This allows a child to create a bond with an older peer and often gives them a positive role model; a relationship that shows consistency.

Not only does the “Little” benefit from this program, but the “Big” does as well. Program Coordinator, Kadi Forth, states that there a few things “Bigs” can take away from the program as well, “Sometimes it’s something practical – like experience for a future career or something to put on a resume. They can also learn more about themselves and gain confidence in their abilities as they encounter and deal with varying situations and obstacles.”

Why should you care about joining Big Brothers Big Sisters? The simple answer is, that it changes you as a person and makes you into an individual who can recognize the faults others struggle with. Through personal experience, I no longer assume that just because kids are kids that they are happy and in love with life. I have realized how superficial our society really is and how everyone can just assume that because you look fine on the outside, that you are fine on the inside. The children that I have had the opportunity to work with have shown me their scars and their struggles. I have seen kids struggle academically and have no motivation to get better at the things they should love to do. I have seen kids behavior change just because their “Big” has been there for them to support them through rough times. The changes I have seen have made Big Brothers Big Sisters worth the time and effort I’ve put into it. Just watching their eyes light up when you walk in the room to see them and only them, is a feeling that cannot be explained.

Big Brothers Big Sisters would love to have anyone join their program next year and their mission of helping the youth in our community overcome obstacles. From personal experience, I don’t think that volunteering here is the same as what everyone may think it is. This program is more than just showing up to tell people you are a volunteer, it’s knowing that your making a difference in the life of a child who needs YOU. Mrs. Stockler advises students who want to volunteer in the years to come by saying that, “There is a large time commitment involved that students need to be aware of. Big Brothers Big Sisters is a 12 month program, whether schools in session or not. The individual who volunteers needs to be someone who works well with kids, who is caring and understanding, and who can be a role model for a Little.” By coming together in a community as small as ours, we still have the power to make a change.

Contact Mrs. Stockler for more information and check out our website HERE


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