The Avengers End Game: Expectations

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Who else can’t wait until April 26th? For those who don’t know what is happening on April 26th, Avengers End Game is coming to theaters. After Marvel left us with a huge cliff hanger at the end of Avengers Infinity War, we can know for sure that at least 12 superheroes died. A few superheroes that died were Doctor Strange, the Black Panther, and Spider-Man. What we don’t know is if they, along with the other 50% of the population, will be brought back.

We can anticipate at least one new hero and a few heroes that weren’t in Infinity War. The new superhero we can expect in Avengers End Game is Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel is basically like Superman. She has superhuman strength, can manipulate energy, sixth sense can withstand radiation, and can generate heat. The one weakness she has is a split personality. We may also see Ant-Man make an appearance.

Time for some Hawk Eye talk. Hawk-Eye wasn’t seen at all in Avengers Infinity War. In Avengers End Game, he is in a different outfit. He has just gotten done killing multiple people and appears to be upset. A theory I have heard is that his family died when 50% of the population was wiped out. I feel like he is upset that his family is gone, and that he is relieving his anger by taking it out on small-time villains. It’ll be interesting to see his role in the next Avengers movie. Another question that a lot of people are asking is if we will have Hulk back. What some people have said, and what could possibly be true is that Hulk was wiped out with the 50%. Many people are asking is this possible? Yes, the Hulk and Bruce Banner are two different people. In Avengers Infinity War, we saw Bruce Banner try to turn into Hulk but Hulk refused by saying, “no.” I am curious to see if Bruce Banner or the Hulk will make an appearance in the new Avengers End Game.

Will Ant-Man save the day? In Ant-Man and the Wasp, Ant-Man is believed to have gotten stuck in a different dimension. Which may have saved him from Thanos’ wrath. Before he went into this other dimension, he was told that he wouldn’t be able to get out of it; the world may be counting on him to escape. That’s all I have on the upcoming Avengers End Game. It comes out April 26th, hope to see you in line!

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