The 2nd Amendment, A Newly Infringed Right


The second amendment has been around for as long as the United States has been a country. Now, all of a sudden, people are starting to question it. Democrats and even just some people in the left wing think there should be no “assault rifles.” There is a secret to that argument: There is no sucImage result for gun lawsh thing as an “assault rifle.” It is simply a rifle, no different than some hunting rifles other than a pistol grip. You can be assaulted by absolutely anything. Are there such things as assault handguns, assault hammers, or even assault staplers? It would be a ridiculous infringement if they are banned.
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The Second Amendment is not necessarily about hunting or sport, it is really about protecting the United States citizens’ from tyranny if it ever appeared. If we do not have guns we can not stop a tyrannical government. There will be no voting or saying no if they don’t want us to. If they take away our guns, what will stop them from taking away our other freedoms such as freedom of speech or religion?

Any gun law is a pure infringement of the second amendment. Last year in California, the state government banned “high capacity magazines.” This is an infringement on rights, and persecuting someone according to this law if they are not felons, would be unconstitutional and the federal government could/would have the right to step in if called on. Even the Conservative Trump administration banned bump-stocks which again, goes against the Constitution. Now this is a federal law and there isn’t much we as citizens can do but elect someone purely pro-constitutional and hope they can pass new laws. The Second Amendment might not survive if we do not do something soon.Image result for california high capacity magazine ban overturned