Cheerleading – Not For The Weak

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The Varsity Cheerleaders showing their spirit by praying before the game

Is the Sheridan High Cheerleading program really that hard? Of course, everyone has their own opinions, but to me, the Sheridan High School Cheerleaders work their butts off to be able to perform during every Friday night game. Our girls practice nonstop to be where they are right now. Just imagine this, standing out on the field near the sidelines for hours, knowing that every single person at that game is watching every move you make, having to remember 30 plus cheers and multiple dances. All Friday night football games are held in front of hundreds of people.

Most people don’t realize how critical timing and synchronization are and the impact those two things have on the routine. If just one girl is off a count then it ruins the whole cheer or dance. Cheer Quotes give great motivation for example, “People do not realize how difficult cheerleading is because we make it look so easy. I mean, it’s a performance sport after all.” Some people believe that practices are easy and unproductive when in reality the practices are physically demanding and can take a toll on the body over time. Nobody should have to worry about how hard a sport is, if you love that sport then that’s all that matters.

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Ratings of Cheer Leading injuries

Cheer Quotes also say that “It does not matter what people think about cheerleading if it’s something that you love to do then that’s all that counts.” I would encourage anyone that has questions about the dedication and/or work ethic of our cheer squad, to attend a practice any given day in order to gain some perspective regarding the preparation and dedication that goes with cheerleading at Sheridan High School. If people tried to do the cheers that we have to do then they would see that it isn’t as easy as they think it is.