Book Review: The Hate U Give

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You may have heard of The Hate You Give recently on social media. No, it isn’t referring to some celebrity’s new boo, but instead a new movie that was created from a book written by Angie Thomas. This incredible book brings to light the dark underbelly of many African American communities. In this case, not being in a gang can be just as dangerous as being a member.

The book opens with Starr Carter: a black girl who is oscillating between two different worlds; the poor neighborhood where she has grown up and the rich suburban prep school that she attends. For me, the beginning of the book was a bit difficult to read because of the dialect used, but after a few pages I felt myself adjusting.

Seeing that the movie had come out before I read the book, I knew a few things that happened prior to my initial reading, so I didn’t have the same reactions to plot twists as the original readers. However, even knowing what was going to happen, it didn’t lessen the emotions that I went through as I experienced the writing of Angie Thomas.

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The Hate U Give is chock full of wisdom about various affairs concerning the interactions between black citizens and police officers, so keep an open mind while reading. I would say this book is suitable for mature middle school students through high school, but anyone who wants to read it should definitely give it a try.

Throughout the entirety of this book I went through a whirlwind of emotions. I laughed, cried, was devastated, and even felt such animosity toward characters that it scared me. Woven into this book is a world that most of us will never experience. I can never fully comprehend the things that people in similar situations may go through, but this book has helped me exponentially and I completely, wholeheartedly recommend that anyone who wishes to read this inspiring novel.

If you haven’t caught the trailer yet, here’s the link to a video on YouTube, and if you are curious about reading this eye-opening book, head to this link to read a summary.

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