Childhood Sweethearts

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Childhood Sweethearts

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Throughout childhood, we experience different relationships: our first best friend, our first crush, our first pet. These past experiences have shaped us into who we are today and some still continue to shape us. In the light of all of this, we’ve have made lifelong friends- some of them have moved, some have betrayed us, some are family, and some are our furry best friends. In other words, life-longer’s are people who you look up to, whom you have adventures with, those that comfort you when you cry, and people who take you on late night runs to McDonalds.

The definition of lifelong friends is, “A person you feel so close to that you think you’ll be friends forever.” Statistics say that if you are friends for over 7 years, you are considered lifelong friends. But notably, throughout 7 years you will experience breakups, happiness, sadness, and betrayal. Even though we may experience these feelings, we always come right back to each other. Best friends have their struggles and happiness. They are like a scale that balances the struggles and the happiness so that you can find your true self.

These two seniors have been friends since the beginning of time and both went through each others voice changing stages and became men. These two are Brady Turns and Levi Masterson. They were kind enough to let me interview them and discuss their embarrassing and fun moments together.

During the interview, they explained they became friends through Mrs. Crafts class in second grade. They were brought together because they had a connection and immediately clicked. I asked the two if they have ever fought or gotten into disagreements and Levi Stated, “I don’t think we’ve ever fought. We’ve had disagreements but they weren’t major.” Sometimes when you get into a disagreement or a fight with your best friend your world is falling apart. When you have those moments, you must remember that you have gone through far more things together and that you can overcome those moments.


Two bro’s chillin’ in a high school.

I asked what they admired about each other and Brady stated, “Levi is a good man and he is very honest.” Levi answered: “Brady is an honorable man and is very hard working and honest.”


During the winter months, they both love to play in the snow and hunt. They love to ride their four-wheeler’s together and scout. They both plan on playing in the snow this weekend together.

They both are very loved by each of the families and explained that they can just walk in each others house and feel welcomed. Together they share a happy memory which Brady was kind enough to explain. “It was in the winter and we were both in my dad’s truck and I ran into a mailbox coming down a hill.” Levi said, “I told him to slow down but he didn’t listen to me.”

This goes to show that you should always listen to your BFF.

These two senior athletes have been friends since sixth grade and they have each other through thick and thin. These two are Emma Conrad and Sydney Cooperrider. These two became friends through basketball in seventh grade. Both of their fathers were also acquainted so that increased their friendship.

During their interview, I asked what they loved to do on their free-time and Sydney explained: “We love to go shopping together and go on Goodwill runs. We also love to just stay at each other’s houses and watch love movies and eat a bunch of junk food and just hang out.” Later on in the interview, Emma shared what she admired about Sydney and she stated, “I love how Sydney is not afraid to be herself and to love herself. If she loves something she is not afraid to show it she sticks to it.” Sydney reported: “I love how Emma is honest with me and she will tell me how it is and she is blunt.” These two are life-longer’s and if you need to find them together, go to your local Goodwill and maybe you will see them on their Goodwill run.

This goes to show that through ups and downs you can still persevere through it and stick to it. All of these seniors love each other and they are happy who their best friends are. They have seen it all. The breakups, the happiness, the first love, and the adventures. If you have a best friend, never ever let go of them because they will always be there for you through thick and thin, cheering you on from the sidelines.


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