A Visit From Gaming’s Past

A Visit From Gaming's Past

Galaga, Castlevania, and Pac-Man: relics of the gaming past which are quickly becoming unheard of in the world of modern gaming. All of these games have had more than a decade to become fan favorites and develop a following among multiple cultures and generations. Now, these games are going to be played by those who haven’t experienced them for a long time, so they are able to enjoy these classics with fresh eyes. These new players will give their own review of the game and any feelings they would want to express about it.

A picture of the original Galaga game.


This icon of the old arcade generation of gamers was reviewed by an anonymous senior. They stated, “I had trouble figuring out the controls.” Galaga is an icon of the arcade gaming days that many of the older gamers missThe player takes control of a space ship that fights wave upon wave of alien monsters. They start with three lives and has to earn as many points as they can. The game has near limitless levels with varying enemy types that the game uses to test the player and their capabilities.


One of the oldest and most popular games played by youth and adults alike is Pac-Man. After being reviewed, Murphy stated, “The game is fun. However, it is just as much frustrating as it is fun. I wish the ghosts didn’t run faster than Pac-man.” Pac-Man is a dream for a completionist, since each level requires the player to collect each dot to continue. The player is collecting the dots inside of the maze with a group of ghosts chasing them. When a ghost touches the player they lose one of their three, possibly four, lives, but when player eats a “power pellet” they gain the ability to eat the ghosts for a limited time. Pac-Man has 255 levels and once they are completed they begin a survival round to get as many points as possible.


Cover of the original Castlevania game.

A favorite to fans of the supernatural and the occult. Reviewed by Matthew Mcdonie, “Castlevania is a good game, sure it has some problems, like back knock back physics, but all in all it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played.” The original Castlevania is the story of Simon Bellmont and his quest to defeat Count Dracula. The player controls Simon and can use his magical whip to defeat the monsters throughout the castle. The player has to contend a health bar, limited time, and limited lives. They can earn additional lives at score thresholds such as 85,000 points. The game is broken up into castle areas and at the end of each area is a boss battle which must be beaten in order to continue. After defeating the 17 bosses the player must contend with Count Dracula. After the Count is defeated, the castle collapses and the game ends.

Over the years these games have stood the test of time and has come to be favorites of the newest generation of gamers as well as the old. 

Some honorable mentions are:

  • Ghosts N’ Goblins
  • Centipede
  • Frogger
  • Contra
  • Gauntlet