Video of the Week

The Lumineers are an indie folk band from New Jersey. They are most famous for their song Ho Hey, their first single. Sleep On The Floor is a song off of their sophomore album, Cleopatra, that came out in 2016. This song is just a piece of the story that is shown through their other music videos from the album. The lyrics from Sleep On The Floor state that the main character, the girl that is also in Cleopatra, lost her father and at the funeral she sees his casket and realizes that she has no plans for her life. In Cleopatra she has a boyfriend but after she doesn’t respond to his marriage proposal he leaves the small town, never to return. She left his muddy footprints on the carpet and never washed them off because she considered him the true love of her life. The Sleep On The Floor video shows what her life could have looked like if she actually went with him and agreed to marry him.