In the Eyes of a Warrior – Jim

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Some people think time is relative. It moves faster when you are having fun and slower when life is bringing you down. For Jim, this seemed to happen during his time in Vietnam.

During the time that he spent with us recounting his experiences in the war, he described how everything felt different; it didn’t matter what day it was or even what month it was. Jim told us that him even getting sent back home was a fluke. He was helping people board a helicopter when he happened to look down and see the date on a newspaper and it displayed a date that was two months past his discharge date.

While telling us about what he did there, Jim also explained how harsh the conditions could be. He explained to us how cold it would get at night and then how hot it would be during the day. “I first go there [Vietnam] and I know I wasn’t gonna make it another day. That’s how bad the conditions were.” He told us that at night they would pack together like sardines to try and preserve what little heat they had.

When we asked him how it affected his life after he said, “In the end it opened up huge doors for me. I was able to go to school.” He also mentioned how because of his time in Vietnam his wife and children were able to go to college and get advanced degrees, but had he not been in the military that may not have been possible because of the price of college. So really, Jim is a true hero not just because of the actions he took to save lives and the medals he was awarded, but also because of his impact on his family.

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