Glory Sound Prep – Jon Bellion ALBUM REVIEW

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Glory Sound Prep – Jon Bellion ALBUM REVIEW

Album Cover for Glory Sound Prep by Jon Bellion.  Credited to Google Images.

Album Cover for Glory Sound Prep by Jon Bellion. Credited to Google Images.

Album Cover for Glory Sound Prep by Jon Bellion. Credited to Google Images.

Album Cover for Glory Sound Prep by Jon Bellion. Credited to Google Images.

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Glory Sound Prep is Jon Bellion’s fifth album in total and his sophomore studio album. This album features a similar producer, Ojivolta, to Bellion’s debut studio album, The Human Condition. Jon is also most well known for his song “All Time Low” that was featured on that album. Glory Sound Prep includes some incredibly deep and lyrical songs with the usual Bellion-catchy choruses. His fans know Jon for his hip-hop and pop sound, and in the last couple of years, he has been growing in popularity. Jon Bellion features incredible instrumentals and although he is usually upbeat his style tends to fluctuate so people of all kinds can have an opportunity to enjoy his music.

Album cover art for Jon Bellion’s debut studio album, The Human Condition. Credited to Google Images.

Conversations with my Wife – 8/10

Conversations with my Wife is about Jon wondering if his wife will still love him if he were to leave all of the music and spotlight behind. Jon conveys his dislike for social media and everybody’s obsession with it quite well in this song. The entire song is catchy and there are nice riffs throughout. The song slows down in the bridge and is a nice difference from the rest of the song. It features Jon reiterating that he is ready to run from the spotlight in a speech-like manner. Towards the end of the pre-chorus, there is a very good riff that I like and some nice autotune on Bellion’s voice in his classic fashion.

JT – 9/10

JT features Jon wondering about his past and what it took to get to where he is now, “A song a day for six years seems like light years away from today.” He thanks God for the opportunities that were given to him and for giving him the brain to take advantage of them. JT features a really solid beat with strong bass and different uses of percussion. The pre-chorus is one of the best on the album and is a perfect set up for the incredible chorus that further emphasizes that Jon’s dreams seemed far away and how he was wise with his money back then, leading to vacations in Greece and further success now after all his hard work. This song manages to land a 9 because it has an incredibly catchy chorus, strong bass, and a great meaning.

Let’s Begin – 7/10

Let’s Begin features Roc Marciano, Blaque Keyz, choruses from RZA, and an outro from Travis Mendes. The entire song is about each member of the crew showing off their rapping skills and telling stories about their own lives. The intro is a little lackluster in my opinion as the beat doesn’t support Roc very well at all. Jon Bellion, however, has some incredible lines and the beat kicks up to reinforce him perfectly along with the nice strumming to support it. Jon’s verse is one of the best I have ever heard out of him rapping wise. Blaque Keyz’s verse is decent, better than Roc’s but not better than Jon’s. There is a nice funk sound in Travis Mendes’ outro and along with Jon’s verse, these are the two main factors that led to this song getting a score of 7.

Stupid Deep – 8/10

Stupid Deep features a much slower and deeper sound than previous songs. This song is also one of the more thought-provoking songs on the album. Stupid Deep is about Jon wondering “if who I hoped to be was always me?” as a result of the hole in his heart being “stupid deep” and him wondering if all the things that he hopes for are things that he may already have. This song is the shortest on the album but still manages to feature a fantastic instrumental between each chorus and verse that is also a good divide between the deep lyrics. The harmonies in the chorus are fantastic and add great emphasis. Overall this song scores an 8 because of it’s resonating beat and great meaningful lyrics behind the song.

Jon Bellion. Credited to Google Images.

The Internet – 10/10

The Internet continues Jon’s conversation about how social media affects people’s lives. He says that “life became dangerous the day we all became famous” since everybody obtained social media and people often become so infatuated with how other people view them that their own view of themselves becomes skewed and they become too worried about what other people think of them. He also states that people don’t care if you’re happy as long as you say you are because the true meaning has been fading recently with the addition of social media. Aside from the incredibly deep lyrics, there is some of the best bass strumming featured on this song. The chorus and post-chorus are very catchy and the drum tapping in the bridge is GREAT along with the trumpets. These create a good buildup to the ending chorus. This song manages to score a perfect 10 and is my favorite song off the entire album because of these factors and how you can pick apart nearly every line and find a deeper meaning in each.

Blu – 9/10

Blu is a love song from Jon Bellion to his wife. He describes how he is losing control because he is falling so deeply in love with her. The beat is fast in each verse and slows down in the chorus. Jon manages to make not only the pre-chorus and choruses catchy in Blu but also the verses, and that shows even more of his skill in songwriting. The bridge towards the end of the song is one of the best I have ever heard. Blu scores a 9 because it has some of the catchiest lyrics with a perfect sound to go along with them. This is a great song about falling in love.

Adult Swim – 6/10

Adult Swim is set up to sound like Jon is in a DragonBallZ battle. This song is about how people perceive how he obtained his fame and features him reflecting on his life and accomplishments. Verse 1 talks about what he sees in the world outside and his life in the past. Verse 2 features a beat switch and is where Jon really speeds up and shows his rapping prowess. Verse 3 features another beat switch into a slower more melodic sound and the lyrics are about Jon making it into Glory Sound Prep. It is also where he talks about his past decisions for example when Beyonce wanted “Fall In Line” but he gave it to Christina Aguilera instead and how his life led to where he is now.

Couples Retreat – 8/10

Couples Retreat is a simple slow-jam detailing the rougher moments of Jon and his wife’s relationship but also shows them making up for it by apologizing and being together. This song has an exceptionally soothing sound with a really catchy chorus, as usual with a Jon Bellion song. The beat flowing from chorus to post-chorus to the bridge is fantastic and the guitar that kicks in is a nice addition to the instrumental as well. The song has nice effects and an overall groovy sound that gives it a score of 8.

Jon Bellion. Credited to Google Images.

Cautionary Tales – 8/10

Cautionary Tales is a song that describes Jon Bellion as an urban legend or a king because he prefers not to talk about himself. In the song, he is referenced to as a king or a Viking and not actually called out by name. This song also continues the idea that Bellion gets his ideas for songs from God, as “God played a song he recorded, He wrote it down.” The song tells a story about a king (Jon) that did incredible things and how he felt great about himself because of it. The choruses echo the compliments that the people are shouting out to him that makes him feel so great and at the end of the song from the bridge to the outro it describes how “It was never enough, he just needed saving from himself.” Telling listeners that you shouldn’t develop such a large ego that you lose yourself. The verses and bridge tell a great story and the chorus from Will Smith is fantastic, catchy, and guaranteed to lighten your mood, scoring this song at an 8.

Mah’s Joint – 10/10

Mah’s Joint is an incredibly deep and meaningful song that details how Jon is watching his mother take care of his grandmother and how he sees it is becoming harder and harder for his mother to handle it. He is honoring his mother and wants to convey it to her in a song. This song is the longest on the album and is slower than most of the other songs on the album. The entire song features nice background trumpets and a mellow sound. It kicks up around 3 minutes into a more celebratory tone and then simmers down around 5 minutes with humming from Bellion that are nicely harmonic and creates a perfect ending for the album. This is one of the most beautiful songs that I have heard to date and is a very deserving 10. I highly recommend this song to everybody, it is life-changing.

Overall Score: 8.3/10

If you thoroughly enjoy any song on this album I highly recommend looking it up on the Genius lyric app as you’ll get even more in-depth information there.

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