Grant H. – A Man Of Action


Grant is a 9 year, senior basketball player at Sheridan Highschool. In his future, he sees himself playing basketball in college. He is undecided on where he will attend but is deciding between Marietta College and Ohio Northern University. Along with his plan to pursue basketball, he would like to study engineering. If Grant could play for any pro team, he would play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Heileman says that his dad was the one who taught him about basketball after his best friend talked him into it because he needed another person on his team in the 4th grade.

Throughout Grant’s years playing basketball, he has created goals, to keep himself going. Every time he plays, he tries his hardest to improve himself. Grant has a competitive nature and a drive to be successful, which stops him from giving up.

Playing basketball has helped to drive Grant’s college choices. In order to achieve a spot in his dream college, he continues to work as hard as he can in school, as well as basketball.

Heileman’s main motivation is winning the MVL. Having this goal in his head gives him the mindset that he can make it to where he wants to be. If there is something that you truly want, you will always work your hardest in order to get what you want. You will not stop until your goal has been achieved. When you make goals, you are less likely to give up. According to Grant, “You shouldn’t give up. No matter how difficult it may be, it will all be worth it in the end.”

This is so true. Things might be rough at the moment, but giving up will throw away all of the hard work and effort that you have put in. Try your hardest in everything, and never ever lose faith in yourself.