From Principal to Teacher, Who is Mr. Hickman?


Mr.Hickman By: Calista Baird

As you know Mr. Hickman isn’t just an ordinary teacher. He has changed his career 3 times while at Sheridan. He was Athletic Director for 2 years, then Principal for 6 years, and came back to teaching this year. When Mr. Hickman was asked, “Are you glad you switched back to teaching?”. He said, “Absolutely, the reason I came back to teaching is to be with the kids every day.”

He always loved being a teacher over being Athletic Director and Principal. He said, “I am a control freak and being Athletic Director and Principal you aren’t in control of your day.” He liked being principal because he could circulate through classrooms and visit with kids and teachers. He mentioned, “I lacked the true connection of getting to know kids.” It was easy for him to become a teacher because he couldn’t wait to go to work the next day. He stated, “If anybody loves what I am doing as much as I love what I am doing, then that is an easy job.” He feels guilty about taking the pay, mentioning, “I almost feel guilty accepting the pay because I love It so much.”

The hardest thing he had to do going back into teaching, was reteaching himself. It was a much easier transition than he expected. He stated, “I was a little anxious that I was afraid I was going to struggle with the topics, but it hasn’t been an issue.” Retiring isn’t even a choice for him. He can probably retire in six to eight years, but loves it so much it’s not likely he will. He stated, “I always said when I was in a classroom years back that I hope someone finds me dead in my classroom.” He doesn’t know what he is gonna do with himself when he retires because he loves it so much.

When asked which subject is the hardest to teach, Mr. Hickman said: “Geometry is more difficult for me to teach, because it is such language-based mathematics.” He hasn’t had a Geometry course in almost 30 years. It is the hardest course to teach because it requires lots of prep on his part. He mentioned, “It is probably the hardest because of the prep.”

He realized his freshman year of high school that his favorite subject was mathematics. When he was in high school he went to mathematics camps, starting his sophomore year, and was asked to be a counselor. At the camp, he said they claimed he should go into teaching, stating, “They thought I should be a teacher. I never believed it at the time because I wanted to make money and become rich.” When he doesn’t teach, he spends some of his free time watching the New Orleans Saints, The Buckeyes, and Ohio University play football.

One word he used to describe his teaching, is passion. He stated, “I think I bring a love or passion of mathematics in my classroom.” He wants to share the love he has with his students in hopes that they learn to have a passion for mathematics too. Mr. Hickman is a dedicated teacher who believes the best in his students and loves what he is doing.