Annalee Savon: A Northern Star

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Annalee posing for a picture in the library

The music swells and fills the auditorium as she hits her final pose, a smile permanently adhered to her face; she just finished her final song at a show choir competition. As she makes her exit with the rest of the choir, she hears the roaring applause of the audience and knows that she just gave her best performance yet.

As a senior and a 4-year member, Annalee Savon is at the top of the show choir. She fell in love with the performing art as a freshman, and her feelings for it have only grown from there. At a school where being an athlete is valued more than anything else, it can be hard to find your place in a group like the show choir. Explaining, she said, “People don’t take show choir seriously because they think singing and dancing isn’t athletic, but we compete and there is blood sweat and tears.” She continued, “I think show choir is fun and exciting, and the relationships are what make it different from sports.”

“Show choir is different from sports because it is an all year round thing. Most [sports] are only a season.” -Annalee Savon

Before she was in show choir, Annalee did try a few sports, “They [sports] weren’t my thing. 7th and 8th grade I was in track and I sucked. Plus I didn’t really like it. I tried out for cheerleading because my mom wanted me to, but I obviously didn’t get in, so now here we are, 4th year in show choir.”

(left to right) Margaret Stowell, Sam Bigham, Shannon Bills, Jayden Mascher, Annalee Savon at the annual Sheridan Spotlight competition.

When I asked her what her favorite memory was she answered, “My favorite memory from show choir was when we were trying this magic trick and Dallas (the Stars’ choreographer) put a box on his head and it got so stuck we almost had to call the ambulance.” It’s little things like this that she will always remember, not just if the Stars placed in a competition or not.

As a result of being in show choir, Annalee has grown close to many people, including Ms. McClain. She said, “My relationship with Ms. McClain is very special to me because I kind of look up to her as a mom. I go to her whenever I’m in trouble or just whenever I need to talk.”

“Show choir has really taught me how to be in social situations and how to perform onstage” -Annalee Savon

Singing and dancing is a huge part of what show choir is about, and Annalee was well prepared for that. “I danced a little before show choir but I didn’t sing.” She elaborated, “I took dance classes from when I was like 4 till I was 10, but I don’t remember where it was at.” Along with performing in show choir, this year Annalee is also participating in the Symphonic Choir.

Annalee is a true performer with a heart of gold. The next time you see her, wish her luck at the next competition because she has a chance of being named the “Outstanding Performer” at every competition.

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