DC vs. Marvel

Some believe that there isn’t much of a difference between the Marvel and DC universe, however there are quite a few. Despite both their purposes based on super heroes and villains, they are all based on entirely different places. DC makes up their settings only in their universe such as for Superman, Metropolis, Gotham City, Batman, Central City for The Flash and Coast City for Green Lantern. Marvel on the other hand is based on existing locations like New York City; the large majority as seen in multiple Marvel movies like The Avengers and Spider-Man.

DC is also darker in a sense. For example, the death of Bruce’s parents when he was a child was much more morbid than Marvel’s Spider-Man. Peter’s experience losing a loved one was hard but he proceeded to act lively and act as the spunky, Image result for spidermansarcastically funny character we love while Bruce takes the deep pain of his loss into his role as Batman. Image result for batmanHe is much darker as he takes these emotions into what he does now; fight crime and prevent anyone else from going through what he did in a more deeply mannered way. The same goes for a lot more characters between the two universes, due to the fact that they are both owned by different companies. Marvel is owned by Disney, which we all know is essentially prioritized for kid movies, hence why Marvel is much less dark and “safer” for kids to watch, according to parental approval.

In no way am I shaming either DC or Marvel, or depicting which is “best”, for I love them both with each of their own different characteristics. Marvel being more of a lighthearted comical mood and setting to their comics and movies , whilst DC is much more grim and mature in their movies and comics. Either way, it is depicted by personal preference of what you like. Personally, I think they’re both great. I believe both have great characters and stories, movies and comics behind each one, and a very large variety to choose from, to truly find who is your favorite.

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